how to live a healthy lifestyle

how to live a healthy lifestyle

In the company where I work, the management encouraged all staff to have a balanced life – work & personal life needs to be healthy at all cost.

The staff is not encouraged to go back home too late. Why? If you go home too late, you don’t have time for your children and wife, you don’t have enough rest, no exercise, higher risk of getting all the modern-lifestyle-related diseases (high-blood pressure, obesity, stroke and the likes…). Unbalanced work-life lifestyle will lead to less productivity for the business as a result of having too many unhealthy, grumpy, stressful and dull people.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP) was introduced and implemented about five years ago. This is how it’s done:

Each department must have one HLP Focal Point & committee. The Focal Point will need to arrange all the programs – exercise schedules, medical check-ups, dietary advices and progress reports on health monitoring for the staff.

Working overtime is not encouraged. The Staff is even sent to attend courses on Effective Time Management and Personal building (such as the “7 Habits of Effective People” & Team Leadings).

For the staff having obesity problem – the company even help you to be enrolled in the Weight Management Program (WMP). In this particular six months program, the company will allocate maximum USD$200 each person for the usage of gymnasiums.

In a way, this direction is good for the community as a whole. I’ve seen progress and have seen much leaner staff now, much happier, in fact.

And to fight obesity, I could say that the venus factor has helped many people to lose weight in a healthy way – through regular exercising and wiser diet intake. Someone I know has lost about 28kg in the 6-months program, the least is 5kg lost.

The people are the “Asset” for any company. Success does not come from latest-technology alone – any machine; any technology needs people to make them and to make them work.

Venus Factor can Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Venus Factor can Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Targeting weight loss doesn’t work. You’ve seen all the television ads that supposedly “smash away your flabby abs” in minutes a day? If you’ve ever bought any or know anyone who has, you know they don’t work. In fact, working only one area of the body to target weight loss there is counter-productive. Why? Because if you exercise just your abdominal muscles, for instance, they’ll get bigger. So all that fat you wanted to lose? Yep, it gets replaced with muscle you can’t lose and you look big around the middle anyway because the rest of your body hasn’t been worked out to keep up.

Most of us, after the age of thirty, start to slow down a little. Maybe not enough to notice,, but your metabolism does. Like me, you’ve probably seen that you can’t eat whatever you want anymore because fattening foods go straight to your gut or butt. You can no longer melt off anything you eat; it takes work to do it. As a good side benefit of venus factor, you start to eat healthier knowing that you have to in order to keep from gaining weight. This doesn’t always work, however.

metabolism role in weight loss

Eating healthy is a good start, but it’s not always enough. I’ll tell you a secret you’ll want to know: your metabolism can be restored back to what it was. No matter your age. Really!

All you need to do is a few daily routines to keep your metabolism burning hot, killing those calories. Eating right step number one. The rest of step one is to eat more often. Yep! Eat more often! I didn’t say eat more, just more often. Instead of 3 to 4 meals a day, make it five or six smaller meals a day. This keeps your intake and burns even, so you don’t raise your blood sugar, then drop it, then raise it again by eating. It stays steady.

Step two is working out. Not hardcore, you don’t have to be Arnold Swartzenegger here, just do someĀ moderate cardio workouts like running, swimming, biking, or fast walking to keep your blood pumping and your heart working. If you’re into strength exercises, work your muscles in groups, doing upper body one day, lower body the next, and cardio throughout. Doing it 1st thing in the morning is an awesome way to get going for the day too.

Step number three is all about diet. No, not eating grapefruit or cardboard-tasting diet meals, but just being aware of your fat and carbohydrate intake. Cut the fat out as much as you can, buying leaner meats and eating more vegetables. If you do this, you’re on the fast track to building a healthier you. It’s OK to have a “fun day” in which you can moderately indulge yourself with fatty foods like ice cream or cheesecake, but don’t overdo it and make it a special day and not a daily event.

Finally, make sure you drink right. Put the shot glass down, I didn’t mean that, Paddy. I’m talking about water. Most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Those sodas, that coffee, and all those “energy drinks” we’re so fond of are robbing us of much needed H2O. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day throughout the day. This flushes your system of buildups, reduces your dependency on salt and carbs, and actually causes you to lose water weight gain as your body no longer stores water away like a camel because of the lean times you’ve been putting it through.

Follow these four steps and you’ll see that your metabolism will go up, your energy level will rise, and you’ll feel much more like your old self!

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